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Samsung Xpress SL-M2070FW Drivers & Software Printers Downloads – The Samsung M2070FW All-in-One Laser Printer is perfect for your head office and combines the convenience of high-performance operation at affordable prices. Samsung Xpress M2070FW Laser Printer brings mobile printing without the complexity and efficiency of multifunctional thorough work environment that is perfect for SOHO or home office you are conscious of cost print from a USB drive or every series of mobile devices besides a wireless printer installation quick and easy.

Professional Image Quality RECP Technology Samsung was improving the readability of documents printed and scanned by increasing the thin lines and sharp edges. You get sharp and solid prints with an effective resolution of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. Fast Print Speed Streamline your workflow and print up to 21 pages per minute, so you can spend more time to produce and less waiting. Compact, Ergonomic Design: The printer’s small footprint saves space for your headquarters. And a two-color design is perfect for today’s modern office setting.

Samsung Xpress SL-M2070FW Drivers

Driver” provides a link to the full downloads for Samsung Xpress SL-M2070FW in the form of software, drivers, firmware updates, and manual setup. All the links that we provide are the official direct link from Samsung Inc. so as to facilitate you in obtaining an application for the device your printer.

The full solution software includes everything you need to install and use your Samsung printer. This collection of software includes the complete set of drivers, installer and optional software.

Name Version Link
Universal Scan Driver for Windows (Windows) V1.02.19 Download
Samsung Universal Print Driver for Windows (Windows) V3.00.13.00:04 Download
M2070 Series Scan Driver (Windows) V3.31.38.04 Download
M2070 Series Print Driver(No Installer) (Windows) V3.13.12.05:21
M2070 Series Print Driver (Windows) V3.13.12.05:21
Easy Eco Driver (Windows) V2.01.10
Samsung SL-M2070 Series Print Driver (Mac) V1.04.01
Samsung SL-M2070 Series Scan Driver (Mac) V2.31.49


The software is the application helper for Samsung Xpress SL-M2070FW Printer so it makes it easy to operate the printer. The SL-M2070FW can be in full accordance features that have been provided to give the best quality to your printing. Samsung Print Software provided for compatible SL-M2070FW that can be in the setting and full for you, give you a new experience in tailoring your printer device.

Samsung Print Software makes it easy to print from a desktop or laptop PC to any Samsung Printer. You can easily print your digital content wirelessly to supported Samsung printers on a local wireless network (Wi-Fi), Samsung printer enabled Wireless or WiFi Direct, or over the wired LAN.

Name Version Link
Samsung Easy Wireless Setup (Windows) V3.70.18.0 Download
Samsung Easy Printer Manager (Windows) V2.00.01.24 Download
Samsung Easy Document Creator (Windows) V2.02.53 Download
Samsung Network PC Fax Utility (Windows) V2.02.28 Download
Samsung Scan OCR program (Windows) V1.01.18 Download
Samsung Set IP (Windows) V1.05.08.03:14 Download
Samsung Easy Document Creator (Mac) V1.00.26 Download
Samsung Easy Printer Manager (Mac) V1.03.38 Download
Samsung Easy Wireless Setup (Mac) V1.4.25 Download
Samsung Network PC Fax Utility (Mac) V1.01.57 Download
Samsung Set IP (Mac) V1.00.11 Download

Firmware Update

This is a firmware file for the SL-M2070FW Series(4in1). HP recommends downloading and reviewing the f/w upgrade guide before installing the firmware file.

Name Version Link
Samsung SL-M2070F Series(4in1) Firmware File (Windows) V3.00.01.37 Download
Samsung SL-M2070F Series(4in1) Firmware File (Mac) V3.00.01.37 Download


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